Top Things To Check During A Home Tour

Top Things To Check During A Home Tour

What to check during a home tour?

Florida’s housing market is promising even in post-pandemic 2022 and will remain so for the rest of the year. A lot of buyers and sellers are trying their luck in Florida real estate. As far as buyers are concerned, they generally would visit multiple homes on the same day before shortlisting their options. In such a situation, buyers can easily get confused about what they see in each house or property at the end of the day. Bay to Gulf Holdings, a Florida Real Estate company, discusses the most essential things a home buyer should check during a home tour to help them save time and make intelligent decisions. 

Top Things To Check During A Home Tour

1. Note down

While viewing multiple houses, it is good to note down the features of each home. Buyers can also keep a library of photos and videos (If allowed to be taken) to review later. Also, buyers should ensure that they clearly communicate the features they like and dislike about each house to the agent. All these will help in shortlisting the homes and finding a better match by comparing different properties.

2. Sounds and smells

Buyers should consider the noise levels in and around the houses from neighboring houses and traffic on the nearby roads. Squeaky floorboards can give a clue about the amount of maintenance the home would require. Another factor to look out for is any unpleasant odor that could be a sign of mildew, pests, or even pet droppings/ waste.

It is better to ensure that these odors are removed before buying the house as these little things tend to annoy homeowners the most. 

3. Windows and stairs

Buyers should take note of where each window opens to and if it is too close to a neighboring house. Ensure that this does not, later on, become an intrusion of privacy. 

Also, it is a good idea to make a note of the condition, size, and strength of the stairway. 

It is also good to consider factors such as whether the staircase is too narrow or whether it is child-friendly or not.

4. General maintenance

Buyers should keep an eye open for any signs of leaks or electrical faults. A good real estate firm will help in identifying these factors with their professional acumen.

5. Exterior

Buyers should not ignore the exterior of the house while doing a home tour. Some of the factors to consider about the exterior are whether the landscaping and lawns are suitable for the buyer’s lifestyle, whether the roofs and the sidings are worn out, and whether the garden would require too much maintenance on a regular basis. 

Clearly, as everyone knows, buying a home is not a simple task. But with the help of a professional real estate company, it becomes a lot easier.

Why Bay to Gulf Holdings?

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Top Things To Check During A Home Tour

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