6 Questions for Homeowners Who Want to Sell Their House

6 Questions for Homeowners Who Want to Sell Their House

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Selling a home is rarely simple and stress-free. The decision to sell often requires much thought and consideration. When faced with the possibility of selling a house fast for cash, people would do well to consider the following questions:

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1. How much is the home worth?

It is always wise to see what other houses in similar condition and nearby are selling for. The location of the home, its condition, and the need to sell a home fast for cash may impact the price of the property. If the neighborhood is declining, it can negatively impact the value of the property. Needed repairs and renovations such as a new roof, a new HVAC system, new floor coverings, re-wiring, and plumbing can add up quickly.

2. Is there enough equity to sell the home?

Equity is the portion of the home that the owner actually owns. It generally takes about five years to gain enough equity to sell a house and have enough equity to cover realtor commissions, cover closing costs, buy another home, and pay for moving expenses. 911Houses.com pays cash for homes which means homeowners get their money quickly without having to make repairs, cover commissions, and continue to make mortgage payments if the house does not sell quickly.

3. How much will it cost to sell the home?

Some of the costs include seller concessions, closing costs, repair costs, and housing overlap costs if the seller is not able to line up the sale of their home with the purchase of the next. Plus, there is the cost of time and stress to the homeowner.

4. How long will it take to sell the home?

To determine if it is time to sell, consider the moving timeline. Will a delay impact job opportunities? Taking longer than expected to sell can have a huge negative financial impact.

5. Does the home require repairs?

The seller is required to disclose any known issues with the house to potential buyers. Expensive repairs like replacing a roof, or fixing a pool, for example, can be a deal-breaker for buyers looking for a move-in ready home.

6. How do I sell the home fast for the best price?

Selling a home in the traditional way is not a simple experience. It involves preparing the house for sale, working with an agent, making repairs and improvements, showing the home, and negotiating with potential buyers. However, commissions are steep, repairs are expensive, and delays are costly. When homeowners sell their home to 911Houses.com, they avoid these hurdles.

The traditional way of selling a house has drawbacks, especially for people who need to sell their house within a short timeframe. Dealing with repairs, realtors, and buyers could be too much of a hassle for the homeowner, and he or she could end up saddled with a home that really needs to be sold.

The team at 911Houses.com understands that some situations necessitate a quick, stress-free house sale, which is not feasible through the traditional method. 911Houses.com offers a home-selling process that is specifically tailored to homeowners who need to sell their home fast. Regardless of the condition of the property, the company purchases the house directly, allowing the homeowner to skip past months of real estate listings and risks. People move out on their terms and have up to ninety days to select the date they want to close and move.

By working with 911Houses.com, sellers avoid the stresses of repairs, commissions, paperwork, or closing. 911Houses.com changes the conversation from “I need to sell my home fast.” to “I can sell my house fast.”

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911Houses.com is a Tampa real estate consultancy that buys unwanted houses as-is for cash and typically closes in less than seven days. With 911Houses.com, the client does not have to list the home for sale with a real estate broker, pay broker commissions, pay for expensive repairs, or worry that a buyer will back out of the contract due to financing or other unanticipated problems in the home selling process.