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Real Estate Investing: 101

Luck vs Strategy… vs Failure

At Jul 30, 2015

Success has as much to do with luck as leprosy has to do with drinking cheap Tequila. (We’re not taking ANY chances though). Success is a mindset. It’s an absolute belief that you cannot fail. Successful business people have that mindset. In fact, failure is never even a consideration for the success-minded individual – EVEN […]

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Granite countertops are a better invetment than laminate

Granite vs Laminate

At Feb 09, 2015

Granite Counter-tops or Laminate? Ask a banker if adding granite counters to your house is a good investment and they’ll tell you “When doing comps (comparable property analysis), a counter is a counter.” However, if you ask a seasoned real estate professional if adding granite counters is a good investment, they’ll tell you, “Hell yes!” […]

Successful Real Estate Investors

Successful Real Estate Investors… selling books?

At Feb 04, 2015

Successful Real Estate Investors Don’t Sell Books If you’re a real estate investor of any kind, then you’ve seen the ads for the books that Preston Ely is peddling. Have you ever wondered why successful real estate investors start selling books that tell all of their “secrets”? Because they were never good at real estate […]

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